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Windows Hotkeys using the Windows Key

The windows logo can also be used in combination to create hotkeys.

Windows Key Hotkey List:

Windows XP Hotkeys Hotkey Actions
Windows Logo this hotkey will display or hide the start menu.
Windows Logo+Break To display the system properties dialog box use this hotkey.
Windows Logo+M Use this hotkey to minimize all of the windows
Windows Logo+SHIFT+M Use this hotkey combination to restore the minimized windows.
Windows Logo+E This hotkey will open the “My Computer”.
Windows Logo+F Use these hotkeys to search for a file or a folder
Windows Logo+F1 These hotkeys will display Windows Help.
Windows Logo+ L Use this hotkey to lock the keyboard
Windows Logo+R These windows hotkeys will open the “Run” dialog box
Windows Logo+U This hotkey will open the windows utility manager.

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