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PokerStars Hotkeys

Experienced PokerStars poker players have started to use various Pokerstars Hotkeys to speed up their control of the application. Below is a list of tested hotkeys for PokerStars online poker room..

PokerStars Hotkey List:

PokerStars Hotkeys PokerStars Hotkey Actions
CTRL+L Pressing the CTRL+L hotkeys on PokerStars will prompt the Poker Stars login window.
CTRL+4 By using this hotkey combination PokerStars will open the cashier window.
CTRL+S The CTRL+S hot keys will also open the PokerStars cashier window.
CTRL+F If you would like to quickly open the “Find a Player” window in Poker Stars use this combination of hotkeys.
CTRL+P If you have ever wanted to find a team Poker Stars Pro this hot key combination will open a search window.
CTRL+T This combination of hotkeys will display the “Find a Tournament” dialog window where you can quickly locate a tournament by entering the Poker Stars tournament ID.
CTRL+R You can quickly get a list of Poker Stars tournaments that you have registered for by using this hotkey.
CTRL+Y This hot key combination will tell you which Poker Stars tables you are currently waiting on.
CTRL+I Using this hotkey combination you can request your instant hand history on Poker Stars.
CTRL+U If you would like to muck a losing hand on Poker Stars use this combination of hotkeys.
CTRL+D If you would like to not show a winning hand on Poker Stars use this combination of hotkeys.
CTRL+C This hotkey will highlight a tournament ID, table name or user id on PokerStars.
CTRL+9 HotKey allow you to quickly tile all of your tables on Poker Stars.
CTRL+0 This hotkey will cascade all of your PokerStars tables.

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