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Party Poker Hotkeys

PartyPoker’s has given its users enhanced control over their application with the latest release. This new version of Party Poker’s software gives players the ability to control their actions through hotkeys rather than clicking the mouse. For a full list of Party Poker hotkeys see below:

Party Poker Hotkey List:

PartyPoker Hotkeys Poker Hotkey Actions
CTRL+Left Arrow This hotkey combination will open a fold your hand or check/fold.
CTRL+Up Arrow This hotkey combination will check or call.
CTRL+Right Arrow Use this combination of hotkeys will raise or bet.
CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow This Party Poker hotkey combination will allow you to control the no-limit slider decreasing in units of the big blind amount.
CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER+DOWN Arrow This hotkey shortcut will confirm your bet.

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