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Microsoft MSN Messenger Hotkeys, MSN Messenger Shortcuts

MSN Messenger is the instant messaging client from Microsoft and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Mobile. Recently MSN Messenger has been renamed as Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Messenger Shortcuts:

Live Messenger Shortcuts Messenger Shortcut Hotkey Actions
LEFT+ARROW / RIGHT+ARROW Use this shortcut to collapse / expand a contact group.
Click contact and press ENTER This Live Messenger will open a conversation window for an online contact.
Click a contact and press ALT+ENTER This Live Messenger shortcut will open a contact card.
ALT+ENTER To display a property sheet in design view use this shortcut.
ESC This Messenger shortcut will close a contact card.
Click a contact and press DELETE This MSN Messenger will delete or block a contact.
Click a contact, then type the letter, type it again to go to the next contact. To find a contact that starts with a certain letter use this MSN shortcut.
Click a contact group and press F2 This Live Messenger shortcut will rename a contact group.
TAB This MSN Shortcut will move focus between tabs, links, or other elements.
CTRL+TAB To move to a different tab in MSN Messenger use CTRL+TAB.
Click a contact and press ALT+M Use this Live Messenger shortcut to send an email to a contact.
ALT+Y Live Messenger hotkey will take you to MSN today.
ALT+O This hotkey will add a contact in MSN Messenger.
F1 Use this shortcut to open Live Messenger help.
Click a contact and press SHIFT+F10 Will show the context menu for a contact in Messenger.
F10 or ALT Will open the file menu in Messenger.
F10 or ALT then ALT+F Will open the file menu in Messenger.
ALT+C Will open the contacts menu in Messenger.
ALT+A Will open the actions menu in Messenger.
ALT+T Will open the tools menu in Messenger.
ALT+H Will open the help menu in Messenger.
ALT+SPACEBAR This Live Messenger shortcut will display a menu to move, size, minimize, maximize, or close the MSN Messenger window.

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