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Microsoft Access Shortcuts, General Window Operations Shortcut

These Microsoft Access shortcuts are for general window operations.

Microsoft Office Access Shortcuts:

Microsoft Access Shortcuts Windows Operations Access Shortcut Hotkey Actions
F11 This shortcut will bring the database window to the front.
CTRL+F6 This Microsoft Access shortcut to cycle between open windows.
ENTER This Access shortcut will restore the selected minimized window when all windows are minimized.
CTRL+F8 To turn on resize mode for the active window when it’s not maximized press the arrow keys to resize the windows use this shortcut.
ALT+SPACEBAR Use this shortcut to display the control menu.
SHIFT+F10 In Microsoft Access you can use this shortcut to display the shortcut menu.
CTRL+W or CTRL+F4 To close the active window this Access shortcut.
ALT+F11 This shortcut will switch between the visual basic editor and the previous window.
ALT+SHIFT+F11 To sitch between the Microsoft Script Editor from the previous active window use this Microsoft Access shortcut.

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