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Miscellaneous Photoshop 6 Shortcuts

A collection of miscellaneous Adboe Photoshop 6 shortcuts.

Photoshop 6 Miscellaneous Shortcuts
Miscellaneous Shortcut Actions

This shortcut for photoshop 6 will open the help menu.

Us this adobe shortcut to open the tool help.

To accept an operation in photoshop 6 us this shortcut.

This photoshop 6 keyboard shortcut will cancel an operation.

Use this adobe 6 shortcut to move to [...]

Photoshop 6 Shortcuts – Tools Hotkeys

Here is a list of all keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop 6 tools.

Adobe Photoshop 6 Tools Shortcuts
Tools Shortcut Actions

This Photoshop 6 shortcut will add shape.

This keyboard shortcut for Photoshop 6 will subtract shape.

Use this Photoshop 6 shortcut to decrease brush size

This keyboard shortcut will increase brush size.

This Adobe Photoshop tools shortcut will decrease brush softness by [...]